Appraisal Qualifcations

Types of Assignments
Appraisal Review
Valuation Consulting
Testimony and Public Presentation

Property Types Appraised
Real Estate: Airport hangars/aprons, antennae, apartment buildings, auto dealerships, bars, billboards, border station expansions, bulk warehouses, campgrounds, camp sites, campuses (post-secondary), car washes, churches, condominiums, convenience stores, daycare centers, dental office buildings, dormitories, earth-berm homes, easements (see Property Rights Appraised), engineering buildings, farms (potato, general crops, horse), fast food restaurants, fiber-optic duct, fire stations, flood plain properties, gas stations, garden stores, gravel / sand pits, group homes, hobby farms, horse stables / training facilities, houses, land and lots (sales-lot, industrial, railroad, recreational, residential, rural, speculative, waterfront, wetlands), Laundromats, license for an artillery practice range, light industrial buildings, log homes, lumber yards, manufacturing buildings, medical office buildings, military base land and buildings, mini-storage facilities, mobile home parks, motels, nurseries, office buildings, office/showrooms, office/warehouses, outdoor storage, poultry houses, streets, restaurants, retail buildings, retail space in malls and shopping centers, right-of-way, river channel, rooming houses, schools, Section 42 housing, shopping centers, storage warehouses, storm water retention ponds, subdivisions, supermarkets, telecommunications towers including co-locations, townhomes, transit facilities, vehicle service buildings, and waterfront homes.

Personal Property: Furniture Fixtures and Equipment for bars, restaurants, motels, apartments, rooming houses, vehicle shops, trucking company, and circular irrigation pivots for potato farms.

Business Enterprise Value: Motel (including franchise value), bar (including inventory and accounts), rooming houses, trucking company.

Appraisal Review
United States Army Corps of Engineers – Technical reviews of appraisal reports of agricultural and recreational properties (2019). Analysis of appraisal reports of civil projects (2009 – 2012)

Appraisal Institute (AI) – Demonstration Report Grader (2010 – 2011). Graded Demonstration Reports submitted by MAI candidates to ensure that they met AI standards for methodology and analysis.

Miscellaneous – Analyzed reports in litigation cases involving property tax assessment valuations and marital dissolutions (2012 to 2018, and pre-2009). Reviewed past appraisal reports submitted to me as background for new appraisal assignments (1991 – 2019). Property Rights Appraised

Property Rights Appraised 

Access rights (i.e., licenses), easements of many kinds (avigation, construction, drainage, dredged material placement, driveway, flowage, levee, parking, perpetual flood protection, right-of-way, temporary construction, utility, wetlands), fee simple interest, leased fee interest, leasehold interest, life estate, partial interests of various types (e.g., 8% of ownership), personal property / business valuation, and water rights.​


Intended uses of appraisal assignments include: Arbitration, absorption analysis, buying, condemnation, consulting, easement acquisition, economic and environmental planning, employee relocations, estate planning, estate tax valuation, expert witness testimony, federal government planning (armed forces recruiting stations, border protection, border station expansion, dredged material placement, eco-system restoration, flood diversion channel routing, flood protection, military base usages, recreational use), financial accounting reporting, financing, gift valuation, highest and best use analysis, income tax reporting, investment analysis, litigation, marital division, market analysis, mediation, partnership division, property tax assessment appeals, prospective valuation, retrospective valuation, right-of-way acquisition, selling, special assessment / special benefit analysis, and subdivision analysis.

Clients & Users
Accountants, Attorneys, Banks (community, regional and national), Buyers (both investors and owner occupants), Engineering Firms (for right of way work), Estates, Governmental Units (federal – both civil and military, state, county, city, township, school district, watershed), Litigants, Mortgage Companies, Property Owners (for condemnation, estate planning, financial accounting reporting, and special assessment), Sellers.

Fundamental Market Analyses Completed
Bulk warehouse, campgrounds, car wash, developable land, cropland including potato farms, Laundromat, manufacturing facility, medical office, mini-storage facility, motel, office building, office showroom, office warehouse, retail building, retail center, special assessments/benefits, subdivisions –  commercial / industrial / residential.

Appraisal Employment, Education & Career Development
Appraisal Employers:

United States Army Corps of Engineers, February 2018 to present – Staff Appraiser, Omaha District; 

Casserly Appraisals 1991 to Present – Principal;

United States Army Corps of Engineers, 2009 to 2012 – Staff Appraiser, St. Paul District;

Integra Realty Resources, 2001 to 2002 – Senior Analyst

University of Minnesota:

Carlson School of Management, Master of Business Administration, Marketing ­– 1984;

College of Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Geography – 1975

Appraisal Institute Education: Course – Review Theory – General, 2018; Seminar – Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions, 2018, 2011, and pre-2007; Course – National USPAP Update: 2018, 2012, 2010, 2008 etc., to 1994; Seminar – Advanced Land Valuation: 2017; Course – Business Practices and Ethics: 2017 and 2012; Course – Supervisory Appraiser/Trainee Appraiser Course, 2015; Seminar – Marketability Studies: Advanced Consideration and Applications, 2013; Seminar – 15th Annual Real Estate Trend Seminar: 2013; Seminar – Grading General Demonstration Reports, 2010; Course - Appraisal Curriculum Overview – for general appraisers, 2009; Pre-2007: Seminar – General Demonstration Report Writing; Course – The Appraiser as an Expert Witness: Preparation and Testimony; Course – Condemnation Appraising: Basic Principles and Applications; Seminar-Regression Analysis; Seminar-Legal Issues in Valuation; Seminar-Comprehensive Appraisal Workshop; Class 430, Standards of Professional Practice, Part C; Class 540 Report Writing and Valuation Analysis; Class 520, Highest and Best Use and Market Analysis; Class 550, Advanced Applications; Class 530, Advanced Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches; Seminar-Eminent Domain & Condemnation Appraising; Class 510, Advanced Income Capitalization; Class 420, Standards of Professional Practice, Part B; Seminar-Easement Valuations; Seminar-Appraising Special Use Properties; and, Class 410, Standards of Professional Practice, Part A. Also: Numerous short programs from 1994 to present.

Appraisal Institute Career Development: Region III Alternate Regional Representative for the NorthStar Chapter: 2014 to 2018; Attendee – Instructor Qualifying Conference: 2016; Attendee – Appraisal Institute Annual Conference: 2016; Grader – General Demonstration Reports: 2010 to 2011; Participant of the Leadership Development Advisory Council of the Appraisal Institute: 2008 and 2007; Awarded MAI Designation: 2007; Completed General Demonstration Report: 2007; Completed 3,000 Hour Final Level National Experience Review: 2006; General Comprehensive Examination – passed: 2002; and, organized Class 530, Highest and Best Use and Market Analysis: 2000.

Miscellaneous Education: Seminar - Data Management & Narrative Reporting, 2016, 5.5 hours; Course – National USPAP and Minnesota Appraisal Law Update, 2016 & 2014, 8 hours each; Seminar - Appraiser Technology Tools, Resources, MN eCRV, 2014, 3.5 hours; Seminar – 2014 Commercial Real Estate Valuation & Appraisal Forecast Summit, 2014, 4 hours; Seminar – Septic System Introduction and Advanced Topics, 2013, 4 hours; International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Course 501, Residential Relocation Assistance, 2010; and IRWA Course 502, Business Relocation, 2010; Conservation Easement Appraisal, 2009, 8 hours; Minnesota GreenStar Training: 2008, 8 hours; State of Minnesota Assessing Education: 1993, 54 hours; Pro-Source Educational Services (now Kaplan): Pre-licensing education, 1991; Real estate sales training and education: 1985 – 1991, 450± hrs.

States Worked
Inspected and appraised property in Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
Inspected property and reviewed appraisal reports in Texas.

Consulted on property values in Illinois and Kentucky.

Testimony and Public Presentations
Testified as expert witness in: district court; commissioner condemnation hearings; arbitration; mediation; and settlement conferences. Gave public presentations to city councils.

Business and Community Service
Real estate sales, management, construction and development including: 

Home renovation  - in 2008/9, a 1973 rambler on 18 acres; and,

                              - in 1980 an 1890, 2.5 story, urban, balloon frame, Victorian;
Transacted – in 1980s, over $6,000,000 of real estate sales and leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties;
Owned or Managed– 4 rental homes;
– two residential subdivisions, a 32,000 sf industrial building, and a 25 unit leasehold cooperative; and
Designed and built –

Instruction: Taught business management courses, including macroeconomics, microeconomics, investments, and personal financial planning.

Small Business:
Casserly Appraisals – Principal, 1991 to present;
Hearth & Home Co. – Managed fireplace construction business; owner’s administrative assistant for factory representation, building projects, etc.; and sales, 1976–1983.

Community Service:
City of Corcoran Planning Commission – Member (2007 to 2010);
Corcoran Jaycees – Chapter President (1986/7). Oversaw annual revenue increase from $2,500 to $2,200,000.

                                 Member (1986 to 1994);
Fairview Neighborhood Development Corporation – organizer and first Chair (1983-6);
Child Care Inc., a non-profit child care corporation – Director (1981/2);
(James) Casserly for State Representative, de facto campaign manager – 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980;
Minneapolis Public School, Community Resource Volunteers Program – Committee Member (1978-80);
De La Salle High School Long Range Planning Committee – Member (1978-9);
Minneapolis City Council – 3rd Ward Council Member’s Aide (1975).

Licenses & Memberships
Certified General Real Property Appraiser in the State of Minnesota, License #4002724, expires August 31, 2020
Designated Member (MAI) of the Appraisal Institute

         - Member of the NorthStar Chapter
Shareholder & Subscriber - Appraisal Data Network, Inc. (i.e., RediComps)
Member of the Rotary Club of Rogers 2012 to 2018
Member of the Daybreakers Toastmasters Club of Rogers 2016 to 2017
Member of the Cedar Lake Park Association (Minneapolis) 2010 to present

Prepared: September 2, 2019